How to Propose a Unconference Talk?

Compared to the regular conference talks, unconference are relatively unrestricted, any topics and any types of speeches, discussions, interactions are welcomed, and the acceptance of the proposals are voted and decided by conference attendees. Thus an unconference proposal is relatively much simpler.

An unconference talk lasts 20 minutes, note that the Q&A session is included in the 20 minutes.

An unconference talk can be run in any form, the speaker / host can decide the way he / she uses that space and time. Furthermore, unconference talks are not officially recorded in any ways, thus any topics that are more critical compared to the regular conference talks are welcomed. Unconferences can be spoken in Chinese, English or Taiwanese.

Note: “Any” topics or “any” types of content are based on the inviolability of PyCon Taiwan’s Code of Conduct. (are regulated by the CoC of PyCon Taiwan)

Proposal Format

  • Title
  • Abstract